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How do the PCB manufacturers make money in the internet Era

Especially in the last two or three years, as rising wages, tightening environmental protection policies, the economic downturn (relative surplus production capacity), led to the intense competition in the current China PCB industry. Still later, due to the overcapacity of traditional single, double, multi-start , only these PCB facturies who take the strategies of scale […]

The lastest report of China Taiwan PCB industry released: no increasement of the estimated output value of PCB in 2016

China Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) and ITRI Economics & Industry Research Center (IEK), published in the latest quarter a printed circuit board (PCB) Industry Report, showing 2016 global economic uncertainty,with Chinese stock market volatility, economic growth down, thus influencing Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and other Asian countries. For PCB industry conditions in 2015 […]

The Best 4 China Taiwan PCB manufacturers’ report released

The “Best 4” profiteers of China Taiwan’s PCB manufacturer came out last year. Zhen Ding Technology is profit leading. Based on gross profit rate, Qingsheng Electronics continues to be the top. Nanzi firstly becomes the King of profit per share. Nanzi Elcectornics and Zhending allot last year cash share 4.5 yuan (NT, the same below).They […]

10 free and powerful PCB design softwares

Nothing better than free, even PCB software. Can not say that more expensive softwares are better than free ones. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the popular ones over the past, and now there will be updates on PCB design platform from time to time . Firstly , we need to […]

China Manufacturer succesfully developed the Automatic Opitical Inspection System

Printed circuit board (PCB) is a substrate for the assembly of electronic components, manufacturing quality PCB board directly affects the reliability of electronic products, so the PCB as the “mother of modern electronics industry.” as the development of the electronic assembly industry toward to a higher density, smaller sized PCB hybrid technology, relying solely on […]

Top 10 features of the High reliability of PCB

At the first glance of PCB, regardless of the intrinsic quality, from the surface they are similar. It is through the surface, we see the differences, and these differences are very crucial to the durability and function of PCB in the whole life Whether in the PCB manufacturing process and assembly process or in actual […]

China Mainland promoting the PCB industry supply chain localization

China Taiwan PCB printed circuit board export appears negative growth in 4 months. Suffering domestic driven PCB circuit board industry chain localization, printed circuit board products export appears negative growth in four consecutive months,but the semiconductor equipment imports have significantly warmer,which helps electronics exports stabilized. The ministry of finance today announced the customs import and […]

Basic knowledge of the PCB copper foil

First, the introduction of copper foil Copper foil: a electrolytic material, a thin and continuous metal foil precipitated on the circuit board base layer, it is the PCB conductive body.It’s easy to glue in insulating layer, accept printing layer, forming circuit pattern after etching. Copper mirror test (bronze) : a flux corrosion test, use a […]

ORBOTECH displayed innovational PCB Manufacturing solutions on the CPCA show

ORBOTECH LTD shows China PCB design market and the manufacturer the latest solutions, including quick and accurate text printing system, AOI, AOS and direct imaging system. ORBOTECH LTD would display all kinds of the latest digitizing production solutions on the incoming China’s Shanghai CPCA shows. On this show, ORBOTECH LTD would first display its Sprint […]

New patented 3D printed circuit board technology accelerating to catch traditional PCB manufacturing

The well-known enterprise in the electronic field of 3D printing Nano Dimension announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Nano Dimension Technologies Division has filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the patent application relates to the technology on a method of printed circuit board ( PCB) shielded wire printing. It is known […]