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China Mainland promoting the PCB industry supply chain localization

China Taiwan PCB printed circuit board export appears negative growth in 4 months. Suffering domestic driven PCB circuit board industry chain localization, printed circuit board products export appears negative growth in four consecutive months,but the semiconductor equipment imports have significantly warmer,which helps electronics exports stabilized.

The ministry of finance today announced the customs import and export figures. The Director Ye Manzu said because of China mainland promoting localization of PCB supply chain, printed circuit board products export had negative groth in 4 consecutibe months for more than 2 digits.But import part, a semiconductor equipment imports hit a third in the history,which helps the electronic products are exported to stabilize.

Ye Manzu noted that in December last year mainly exports, communications products, optical equipment, electronic products, reduce more. wherein the mobile phone products Reduction 43.9%, 22.2% decrease in export panel; Machinery, plastic and rubber products, basic metals and their products were growing compared with the same period last year. Import parts, including capital equipment, agricultural and industrial raw materials, consumer goods imports, are substantial growing. Wherein imported passenger cars have 42.5% annual growth, driven by imports of consumer goods and hit a record high level.

Ye Manzu expressed because of Chians mainland driving PCB circuit board industry chain localization and stoping subsidies on energy-efficient appliances,printed circuit board products export had negative groth in 4 consecutibe months for more than 2 digits.

In addition, Ye Manzu pointed out that domestic electronics industry accelerate the expansion of high-end process capacity, pushing up imports of capital equipment in December last year amounted to $ 4.09 billion, the third highest record over the years;Compared with the same quarter last year, accumulated the fourth quarter, the capital equipment import increases 10.5%.Wherein the semiconductor related production equipment rose more than 4 percent, which help electronics exports stabilize stronger . It is worth noting that import growth is an indicator of mechanical products. Over the same period last year ,double-digit grows, showing signs of the global economy to stabilize.

Ministry of Finance announced in December last year, exports increased 2.8% monthly, the annual reduction of 1.9% to $ 25.59 billion. Accumulative total exports are still growing 0.7% for all of last year, $303.22 billion;Import parts, compared with Decenmber last year, increased by 13.1% monthly, annual growth of 10.1% to $ 24.18 billion; total imports last year, the annual reduction of 0.1%, reaching $ 270.07 billion.

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