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The lastest report of China Taiwan PCB industry released: no increasement of the estimated output value of PCB in 2016

China Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) and ITRI Economics & Industry Research Center (IEK), published in the latest quarter a printed circuit board (PCB) Industry Report, showing 2016 global economic uncertainty,with Chinese stock market volatility, economic growth down, thus influencing Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and other Asian countries.

For PCB industry conditions in 2015 of Japan and South Korea and other Asian regions , ITRI analyst Dong Zhongming said, currently Taiwan is still in the leading position by holding 30.2% of the global market share. In recent two years ,the Korean PCB suppliers’ shipment decline, which result in a substantial decline in market share in Korea PCB.Japanese manufacturers shift to seek the industry policy that is for profit , not for the amount of PCB. Therefore they focus on the market of fewer competitors.

In the other hand, China mainland PCB manufacturers continue to use low-cost strategy to grab market share which makes China Taiwan’s industry some effects. While after the peak growth period of China mainland PCB industry , now it is also facing growth bottlenecks, including how to cross the niche market into the mainstream market, how to reverse the paset image of poor quality, and high-end technology and capacity investment is still behind Taiwan manufacturers … etc. Therefore, in the future, the threat of mainland manufacturer to Taiwan will continue to increase or decrease is not sure, which deserves careful analysis.

In terms of the future development of the market, in the current market, PC applications are not good, and communications products are gradually maturing,and automobile-related industry is also seen as another application of new opportunities for electronic applications. China Taiwan circuit board industry has a very rich experience in manufacturing and multi-location operation capability, so there is a good chance to enter the automotive electronics industry chain.

For PCB production value,ITRI Lin Songyao said that in October 2015, the good quantity is high for the related conmpanied of Apple supply chain,but because of Apple sales not as expected,its related companies in the fourth quarter show a downward trend month by month,however the overall PCB output value of the fourth quarter growth is still slightly in the third quarter

The fourth quarter of 2015, the total output value on both sides of Taiwanese board makers totals 1,528 billion Taiwan dollars,which increases 3.6% compared with the third quarter and increases -0.6% compared with the same period in the last year. Thus, the total value of cross-strait is up to 5,732 billion Taiwan dollars in 2015, and the annual growth rate is 1.79%. It should be noted that in 2015 the exchange rate depreciation NT is about 5%, so the overall value of the dollar showed negative growth.

The first quarter of 2016, due to traditional seasonal factors, and revenue decline of Apple supply chain related manufacturer is opposite bigger.The estimated output value of Taiwaiese board maker on both sides in the first quarter 2016 would be 1,330 billion Taiwan dollars,over the previous quarter, growth of -13.0% and -1.6% growth over the same period last year.
Looking to 2016, compared with last year, the estimated value in 2016 of the two sides of Taiwan PCB keeps flat, but can grow 1.07% to 579.4 billion Taiwan dollars.

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