Polymer Thick Film And Plateable Toner Technology For Flex PCB

POLYMER THICK FILM TECHNOLOGY The area of additively refined flex PCB has been controlled by polymer thick film (PTF) technology. PTF has actually been in use for a long time in calculator keyboards, displays and so on, however recent advances in polymer ink modern technology have caused increases in conductivity that make PTF an eye-catching […]

Flexible Circuit Drivers, Advantages as well as Applications

INTRO Variety is a characteristic of flexible circuits and they are as diverse in their application as they remain in their design. Flexible circuits have, for long right into the past and proceeding today, offered in a variety of requiring applications. As an interconnection method, they are unparalleled in terms of their adaptability. The trend […]

Intro to Surface Finishes For Flexible Circuits(2)

IMMERSION SILVER Immersion silver is an additional surface candidate. Silver is one of the most conductive aspects. Also its oxides are extremely conductive, however sadly are not as conveniently solderable. There are likewise long-lasting problems over silver migration. Strides appear to have actually been made in the last few years to address both concerns. Immersion […]

The Background of Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuits are not new to the globe of electronic affiliations. The modern technology has a remarkably lengthy and also abundant record. Patents issued at the turn of the 20th century program clear proof that very early scientists assumed that level conductors sandwiched between layers of protecting product could reduce the layout of particular primitive […]