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The interpretation of common nouns in PCB Manufacturing and Design

The assembly layer is used to represent the physical size of the device.It can be used when the mounter is welding. Assembly layer can put a nominal value of the device, such as the value of resistance and capacitance .This is very convenient to assembly maintenance . We will certainly encounter solder Mask and paste […]

Grid settings Skills in the PCB design layout

First, PCB design requires different grid settings at different stages. A large grid point can be used for component layout in the layout stage。 For IC, non-locating connectors and other large components, you can use the grid point accuracy 50-100mil for the PCB layout, and for resistors and capacitors and inductors and other passive small […]

Necessary knowledge of PCB design _ specifications of PCB layout and design

We all know that “nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards”, the technology too. What specification should pay attention to when designing PCB ? 1. layout design specification A,The distance to edge should be greater than 5mm or 197mil B, first place the components that is close to the structure, such as connectors, switches, […]

Two great tips of PCB software CAM350

CAM350 is the industry standard for PCB verification, optimization and output generation to efficiently and effectively drive PCB fabrication. More and more complicated PCB designs require comprehensive verification before they are transferred to the PCB manufacturer to ensure a perfect and timely produce of bare PCB boards. Problems emerging during the PCB manufacturing can effect […]

Little PCB knowledge – the relation between ounces and thickness of bonded copper

Today we going to share the pcb knowledge about the copper thickness unit, which should be usefull for the new PCB designers. The thickness of 1 oz is about 35 um. 1 oz mean weight of the average copper foil in the area of 1 square foot is 28.35g, which use the the weight of […]

Application of digital ink-jet printing technology in the PCB manufacturing

Use digital link-jet printing technology to develop and produce PCB, which can positively simplify the production process and shorten the production cycle; which greatly reduce the expensive production equipments and save the cost. It greatly reaches the goal of “energy conservation and emissions reduction”, especially for reducing the capacity of waste-water and improving the environmental […]

Vertical Continuous Plating(VCP) line completely defeat traditional plating line to boost the healthy development of PCB manufacturing

With the development of electronic devices toward to diversification of varieties ,functionality and Product minimization, Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry faces the challenge of more sophisticated equipment and more advanced technologies. Universe Group ,as professional wet pcb process equipment manufacturer, is facing current challenges and gradually introducing industy 4.0 intelligent production mode. It reserches and […]

The introduction of common standard of PCB manufacture and Assembly

The introduction of common standard of PCB manufacture and Assembly 1) IPC – ESD – 2020: Joint standard of electrostaticdischarge controlling program development ,including design, build, implement and maintain of electrostatic discharge control program. According to some experience of the military and commercial organizations, providing guide for processing and protecting of electrostatic discharge in sensitive […]

Fastprint Qiu Xingya: the development of China PCB manufacturers

More than two decades of the rapid development of China PCB manufacturing industry,the size and competitiveness of a large number of Chinese enterprises are improved quickly and the enterprises also gain a foothold in the global market,which include many indigenous leader and many foreign companies based on the development of Chinese mainland.In the new list […]

Technical innovation is an important mean of the sustainable development of China PCB manufacturer

With China’s policies and regulations in the third plenary session,with the horn of the reform and opening up sounding, PCB is as a basal or important parts of electronic industy.In the early 1980 s ,foreign merchant(here do not include Hong Kong and Taiwan),Hong Kong merchant, Taiwanese merchant or joint ventures,they had the scale of investment in  China mainland […]