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How to Design High-Quality PCBs

How to Design High-Quality PCBs For almost all the electronic engineers (EEs), it’s their daily activity to design printed circuit board. Of all, requirements in terms of functions must be fully met, of course, which in itself contains many details such as the routing design, schematic design, component placement and more. This passage will provide […]

X Company Plays Important Role in Pushing Innovation for 3D Printing

X company is leading a consortium of firms and organizations seeking advancement in 3D PCB printing . As component of its essential function, X company will creat new qualities of high-performance polyaryletherketone (PAEK) polymer based upon cutting-edge chemical solutions that are particularly developed to operate in additive production processes. Used in some AM applications today, […]

Thorne Lietz Moves from LPKF to LaserMicronics

There are really just a few actions between the head workplace of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG and that of LaserMicronics. When Thorne Lietz leaves the PCB prototyping market group to take charge of PCB laser companies at LaserMicronics, he will certainly take this brief course in future. Thorne Lietz has an outstanding expertise of […]

All Flex PCB Manufacturing Expert Glenn Menear

All Flex, producer of flexible printed circuits as well as flexible heaters, has actually emplyed Glenn Menear to sign up with the applications engineering sales group. Menear has actually stayed in the flexible PCB industry for almost 40 years and also is an acknowledged specialist with a wide range of technical knowledge . As a […]

Smart Watches- How Do They Function

Opposite to popular belief,it is not hard to know how smart watches function.The backend, or “mind” of the watches are powered by Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT), a modern technology presented by Microsoft in 2002. Like TV and radio,the information is spead by FM broadcasting.By integrating these 2 innovations, wise watch proprietors can gain access […]

Increase Profits by Minimizing Inspection of PCB manufacturing

” We strive to decide our own fate. We act with self-reliance, trusting in our own abilities. We accept accountability for our supervision and for maintaining and improving the skills that help us to produce added value.”- Excerpt from Toyota Motor Corporation’s internal document, “The Toyota Way” Wrong-Headed Thinking The opening quote catches the values […]

North American PCB Market continued to grow in April

IPC– Association Connecting Electronics Industries ® revealed today the April 2016 searchings from its regular monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. Sales as well as orders in April both surpassed last year’s degrees and also the book-to-bill proportion stands at 1.02. Overall North American PCB deliveries in April 2016 were5.6% over the […]

PCB Manufacturing in Brazil: Are you kidding me?

Let ´ s face truths: Who would certainly ever think of listening to a viewpoint about the PCB sector coming from someone in Brazil? In 2011, when I first came to the U.S. for a proper training session at an electrical test company, I heard things like: “Brazil is bigger than Texas? WOW!” and “Brazil […]

How to improve Profiting from Advice on PCB manufacturing

We all want to improve profits– even in our everyday private lives? Who wouldn’t you like to increase his personal profit? Often, especially in today’s world, profit is considered a dirty word. How dare a company make a profit while paying me beans, or while charging me an outrageous sum? Or so the thinking goes. Of course, profitability is crucial to just about any business; without it, a private company wouldn’t be in business very long. But in this tough, highly competitive industry of ours, how do you make that happen? PCB Material costs squeeze from one side and your customers squeeze from the other. Are there strategies you haven’t tried or don’t know about? Yes, I believe there are. Naturally, we first wanted to hear your thoughts, so we conducted a survey. One of the first questions was, “What is your target percentage of profit?” I must say, I was a bit surprised to see that some people were expecting a profit of more than 30% (well, maybe not in manufacturing). Most were targeting 11– 15%, which seems a bit more realistic. We asked another question: “What part of your process and business has the greatest impact on your profit?” We offered a few choices and left room for comments. The results were not surprising– raw materials and labor were the biggest costs of PCB manufacturing business. We had some interesting responses in the “Other” column. A slightly different method put forth by Mike Jennings and Patrick Riechel of ESI has to do with optimizing laser processing for greatest efficiency to minimize cost of ownership. They touch on a number of issues including automation, utilization and extending system longevity. To satisfy the hardcore techies out there, we have a great article by Dr. Rita Mohanty, et al., of MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions. It covers a new direct metallization process specifically designed for flex PCB and rigid-flex PCB. Steve Williams of The Right Approach Inc. leads us off with a case for reducing inspection as a means to profitability. Next, systems expert Dave Dibble furthers the cause for systems-based thinking and acting by recounting the true story of a company he worked with, and its remarkable double turnaround, from loss to profit, back to loss and then back again to profit. Dave Becker of All Flex Flexible Circuits chimes in with the case for Lean manufacturing and NPIP to reduce waste, thereby enhancing profitability. Karl Dietz gives us a very thorough overview of the green legislation around the world that affects our industry, explaining each in clear language. He then details the impact these have had on the electronic materials and equipment used in the PCB manufacturing and assembly fields. And we’re introducing a new columnist this month from Brazil! Renato Peres, with Circuibras, gives us a quick overview of the electronics industry in Brazil, and promises a column on process engineering for April’s issue. We’ll bring you Renato’s Brazilian perspective every month. Time to see what the rest of the world is up to.

Cost Saving Tips for PCB Production

Money is the most typical concern in any type of business organization, and lots of American enterprises are looking for means to reduce costs, however still make sure they turn a profit. They as well want to guarantee the quality of what they make stays the same, or goes beyond existing quality, and in the […]