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The Best 4 China Taiwan PCB manufacturers’ report released

The “Best 4” profiteers of China Taiwan’s PCB manufacturer came out last year. Zhen Ding Technology is profit leading. Based on gross profit rate, Qingsheng Electronics continues to be the top. Nanzi firstly becomes the King of profit per share.

Nanzi Elcectornics and Zhending allot last year cash share 4.5 yuan (NT, the same below).They both record high, and dominate Taiwan’s PCB industry chain. Qingshegn’s share is four yuan,but it also has maintained a record high last year, and it is expected to just below Nanzi electronics and Zhending.

Zhending is an improtant supplier of Apple flesible printed circuit boards, and its revenue last year is 85.738 billion yuan,19.16% gross margin,net income 7.731 billion yuan,net income per share 9.8 yuan, and all are in a record high.

After the iPhone SE debut, Zhending’s chairman Shen Qingfang is optimistic about this yeas’s economy. He thinks the first quarter is the bottom of the industry. In recent years, he expects revenue and profit should grow slightly.

Qingsheng specializes in small amount and diversity PCB. For many years ,gross margins rank highest in the industry. Although last year the revenue and profit decreased, the gross margin 36.88% still creates a high record. Net income per share are still 5.4 yuan.

Qingsheng represents, PCB orders of transparency has always been not long, probably about the same every year, but operation still insists on price and gross profit and improving the higher process.

Nanzi Electronics is a veteran high-density interconnect (HDI) PCB manufacturer. Last year it benefited the investments in electronic equity in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Profit and net earnings per share after tax both create a new record.

Nanzi Electronic says that the future of PCB industry is uncertain, but Shanghai Electric is getting better. In the first quarter, the finance forecast the net profit after tax will be RMB 15 million to 22 million. Compared with the same period last year which lost 32.95 thousand after tax, it is profitable.

The same as Zhending, Taijun TECH is also the Apple’s FPC supplier.Its income of last year, net profit after tax and net profit after tax per share all create a history height.The net profit after tax per share is 10.83 yuan, which should be the champion in the Taiwan PCB industry chain.Yesterday’s closing price of 83 yuan is “shares King.”

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