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With PCB chemicals’ demand rising, NEPCON China launched new exhibition of 2016 PCB

26th-28th April 2016, the 26th China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition were held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition.

By then, the electronic areas suppliers from the industry SMT, electronics manufacturing automation, systems integration, PCB, test and measurement, welding, anti-static, electronic manufacturing services, industrial robots, machine vision and electronic materials, electronic products were gathered in the pavilion.They have offered a a spectacular visual feast.

It is worth mentioning that this NEPCON China launched a special new professional exhibition Hall 2, which covered the three most popular areas of manufacturing :the PCB (printed circuit board), EMA (electronics manufacturing automation), EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) , for the majority of electronic exhibitors and visitors to create greater communication and interaction space.Wherein the PCB (printed circuit board) exhibition is covered with digital, intelligent, low-carbon, network development trend’s PCB products with circuit board manufacturing, environmental protection equipment and materials. the timely sharing of representatives of industry-leading level of new idea.

It is well known, PCB is one of the important components of the electronics industry,from the daily use of mobile phones to cars, communications equipment, military weapon systems. PCB board are essential core components. PCB board plays a role in the machine components and the chip support,interconnects and interlayer conduction,preventing welding bridging,and repair identification.Its design and manufacturing quality directly affects the quality and cost of the product, and even lead competitive business success or failure. The stability and reliability of all the performance of the PCB  are closely related with the chemicals.

PCB chemicals has become increasingly important

1. The performance and stability of PCB are colsely related with chemicals which are used in production of PCB.

PCB board plays a role in the machine components and the chip support,interconnects and interlayer conduction,preventing welding bridging,and repair identification.The stability and reliability of all the performance of the PCB  are closely related with the chemicals. It can be said, PCB can not be made without different chemicals , and  high-end multilayer, HDI board, chip carrier board, rigid-flex printed board used in different high-tech electronics even can not be made.

2. high tech electronics products is making more and more stringent requirements for printed circuit board

As technology advances, the printed circuit board is widely used in various high-tech electronic products, which is making more and more stringent requirements of  reliability, stability, heat resistance, bending resistance, ductility conductor, flat, weldability, heat shrink expansion, surface cleanliness and other properties .For example,after the 288℃,10 second hot shock,the copper layer can not crack and the hole wall can not be separated.In the past , it is only required once circulation, but now many electronic products require 3 cycles.Hole small, dense lines, thin board are the trend of today’s PCB board development. The change of different requirements and improvement of all kinds of performance, many indicators come true by changing chemical formulations and processes

3. The chemical used in PCB manufacturing  is occupied by foreign brands for a long time

Mainland China is the center of the world’s PCB manufacturers. Output value has leapt to first in the world in recent years, but with the support of the industry chain is not formed.
The chemicals, the brand of high-end equipment and image have not yet set up.The market share is still low which is incompatible with the status of large PCB manufacturer.
Almost all large  China PCB manufacturer, the chemicals mostly  come from foreign brands.

Compared with the strong market demand, the domestic high-end PCB chemicals market has long been occupied by foreihn brands, such as Japan, Europe and the United States, Taiwan and other places.
In the field of PCB with dry film photoresist, Taiwan changxing ,Japan agms chemical, Japan Hitachi chemical accounted for more than 80% global market share.And it  also shows that the domestic import substitution space is huge.

PCB chemicals thrive

Downstream demand recovery, PCB chemicals thrive.Global PCB production in 2014 was $56.2 billion, an increase of 3%, Prismark forecast  2015-2017 global PCB compound annual growth rate of 3.9%, to 2017 global PCB production will amount to $63 billion.The development of the downstream drive global PCB chemicals demand to rise.According to IHS’s statistics, global PCB chemicals market is around $9.25 billion in 2012, It is expected that PCB chemicals market could reach $11.2 billion in 2017, the compound annual growth rate of 4%.

And because the domestic market potential and manufacturing advantages in China attract foreign investment, in mainland China PCB industry is developing rapidly, China PCB market size is $28.6 billion in 2014, the world accounted for 51%, expected compound growth rate of 6% in 2015-2017. PCB to shift to China, which will  drive demand for PCB chemicals transfer to China.According to statistics, in 2014 the domestic PCB chemicals market size is 16.2 billion yuan, it is expected to reach 20.6 billion yuan in 2017.

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