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China Taiwan’s PCB output value reaching to Trillion yuan is not a dream

The first member meeting of the 9th session of China Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) was held on 10th/Mar 2016. More than 600 circuit board manufacturers joined the festivities. Shen Qingfang participated PCB Forum Expert Forum and published the opinion of Taiwan PCB industry development.

Shen Qing-fang said that PCB is very important, just like the human body, “the nerve center” .board range is quite wide. There are 2800 PCB manufacturers in the world,which is a very competitive market. Taiwan’s global market share has reached 30%, if the downstream is made good,  industry output value reaching trillion is not a dream.

He said Taiwan regarded PCB manufacturing as traditional industries in the past , but now they see the PCB industry has been included in the productivity of a ring 4.0, which is a quite happy thing.

Shen Qing-fang mentioned the question that Taiwan PCB is facing includes production of academia does not pay enough attention and price-earnings ratio is low. A small company in China Mainland  can acquire Taiwan PCB factory, which is worth something worried .

In addition, Shen Qing-fang said Zhending springs up quickly from a small PCB company .But now,it quickly jumps up and plays an important role in the whole world. Now it has 35000 employees.Shen Qingfang said, its big shareholders once said,”do you do first in the world”.It has less than NT $1 billion cash on hand and all five factory all start. A lot of people worry about me, but all five factory are now full.

The profit of Zhending last year is expected to create new height. Looking forward to this year, Shen Qing-fang said that the first quarter of this year is projected to the bottom, from the second quarter revenue will grow quarter by quarter.As for the growth rate,it should be “slightly” after the base period has been high. the future development of the spindle will be “guaranteed profits, steady growth, structural adjustment, expanding domestic demand” line, and he is optimistic about the mainland Chinese customers growth strength.

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