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The Factors that effect the circuit board PCB price

PCB is part of Customer OEM products. Different customized products are not the same. There is little productions of sharing. On the other hand, out of consideration for the quality, some of our customers may also specify a vendor of substrate, ink, etc., in order to achieve quality and cost control requirements, so there is a PCB processing volatile prices.

PCB price is determined by the below multiple factors

One, the different materials use of PCB causes price diversity.

Ordinary double-side PCB , for example, about the raw material, there are FR-4,CEM-3 and so on.The thickness of raw material is from 0.6mm to 3.0mm.The thickness of copper is from 1 OZ to 3 OZ. One of all the materials may lead a huge price difference.In terms of solder resist ink, there exists a certain price difference bettween common thermosetting oil and light green oil .So the different materails lead diversity of the price.

Two, different production processes of PCB lead the price diversity.

Different production process can lead to different cost.Such as plating gold board and plating tin board, CNC and punching board,using screen priting line and dry film lines,which can form different cost and lead to the diversity of the price.

Three, the difficulty of PCB itself causes price diversity.

Even if the material is same and process is the same, but different PCB itself difficulty also can lead to different cost.If both two the circuit boards with 1000 holes, one piece of bards’s hole diameter is larer than 0.6 mm and another piece of board’s hole diameter is less than 0.6 mm which can form different drilling cost;If two circuit boards with other parts same, but the line width and line space are different,One is not less than 0.2 mm, the another is less than 0.2 mm, which also can lead to different cost of production. Because the more hard the board’s difficulty is ,the higer the board scrap rate is ,which make the cost increase, so result in the diversity of the price.

Four, customers different requirements can also cause the price different.

Customer requirements will directly affect the yield.An board by IPC-A-600E, class1 may have 98% pass rate, but may have 90% pass rate by class3, which make the different cost, so result in the diversity of the price.

Five, different manufacturer lead to the price different.

Even if the same product, but different process equipment and technical level can also form different cost.Nowadays a lot of manufacturers like gold plated board,because the process is simple, low cost.Also a part of the factory product gold plated board, but scrapping rate is rising, which cause cost increase, so they prefer to producing tin plated board, so their tin plated board’s quotation is lower than gold plated board instead.

Six, different payment cause price differences.

Currently PCB factory usually adjust the price though the different payment , ranges from 5% to 10% , which also caused the price difference.

Seven regional diversity caused different price

At present geographically speaking, from the south to the north, there is a increasing trend of prices.Different region have different prices, so different regions caused different price.How to calculate the PCB quotation!

1, the raw material fee (different material fee is different)
2, drilling cost (the number of holes and the aperture size affect the drilling cost)
3, process cost, (the different process requirement of PCB lead the different difficulty,which cause different price.)
4, Labour ,water,electricity and management fee( this fee depends on the cost control of the different factory,and the Taiwanese factory is relatively low) is basic composition.
as for the price of raw materials, now basically stable,price increases is little probability .

Eight, in terms of raw material:there are below factors which influence prices

1, plank material: FR – 4, CEM – 3, this is our common double-sided and multi-layers material. Its price is related with the thickness and thickness of copper. FR – I, the CEM – 1 is our common single-sided PCB material, and the price of this material is very different from the above double-sided and multy-layer material

2, the thickness of the material, the common thickness is: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.0, 3.4, and for the thickness of our regular board ,price is not much difference.

3, the thickness of the copper platinum will affect the price. The thickness of the copper platinum generally divided into: 18 (H OZ), 35 (1 OZ) and 70 (2 OZ), 105 (3 OZ), 140 (4 OZ), etc

4, the suppliers of raw materials, common suppliers are Shengyi, KB and Guoji

Nine, Other factors that changes the PCB circuit board production cost

1, to see the PCB circuit, if the line track and width is under 4/4 mm, the price will be plus
2, if the board has the BGA, that cost will be relatively rise. In some places ,the price of BGA is made by the numbers of BGA.
3, surface treatment. The common treatments we have are hot air leveling, OSP , pure tin, immersion tin, silver, gold and so on. If surface process is different, of course, the price also will be different.
4, technology standard.The common standard is IPC2 level, but some customer may have higer requirment,such as Japanese.The common standards is also IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, the standard and so on. of course, the higher standard, the price will be higher.

Every sold piece of PCB are customized by customer, so the offer of pcb must base on accounting cost and refering to computer PCB automatic imposition calculation. The comprehensive quotation can be made with material utilization rate on the standard size raw material

The calculation of PCB manufacturing cost is the most special and most complicated in all industries, from cutting, pressure plate, into form, all the way to the FQC, packaging, completing inventory, which need the fee of every process’s material, labour and manufacturing to accout step by step.And then accumulate the cost according to the order’s number.And different type of product, the standard rate of process will be different.For some products such as blind buried hole pcb, plating gold pcb , copper plate, because of the particularity of its technology or all of the material, special calculation method must be taken.By the same token, the bit size used in drilling process will also affect the cost of the product, which directly affect the WIP cost and scrap cost calculation and evaluation.

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