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The history and future of China Shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry (2)

The history and future of China Shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry (part 2)

The industry’s cross and reconstruction in the next decade

Entering the second decade of the 21th century, with the sustainable development of the electronic information industry, especially  a new generation of information technology industry, the global PCB industry has been in a steady rise .According to data of Prismark which is a  electronics industry consulting company in the United States, the value of global electronic products in 2011 was 1.597 trillion, the growth rate of 9.5%. Among them, computer, communication and consumer electronics accounted for two-thirds of the market.In 2012,global electronics production growth rate was flat and picked up.In 2016, the value of global electronic product output  will reach $2.099 trillion.From 2011 to 2016, the compound average annual growth rate is 5.6%, it is the key to predict  the developping trend of PCB market in the future. Prismark predicted the global semiconductor growth rate would be  4.7% in 2016, and  the global PCB growth rate would be  6.5%.That is to say, the PCB production value will reach $72 billion in 2016, which  is the continuation of a new economic cycle.

With the development of a new generation of information technology industry, all kinds of electronic information products demand gradually strengthen and new electronic products constantly emerge, which make the usage and market of PCB products constantly expand.The emerging 4G mobile phones, automotive electronics, LCD, IPTV and digital TV, cloud computing, brings high-end PCB industry huge market space.Looking back to the development path of the whole PCB industry ,strong momentum maked high-end PCB market full of unlimited business opportunities.The development of  PCB industry of the pearl river delta ,shenzhen as a center, is gradually mature, which marks the industry need  the transformation and upgrading into the high-end  development.Thus they take the advantage under the situation of global restructuring and become  powerful engine of a new generation of information technology industry and important manufactur base.The stable groth with good quality and sustainable development comprehensively are becoming the new concept of development of Shenzhen. Output of GDP per unit area, energy consumption and water consumption per unit GDP, industry structure of GDP, they all become the new connotation for economic quality. At present, Shenzhen is speeding up to high-end industrial upgrading and transformation, and strengthen the development of industrial clusters, forming a number of hundreds of billions of industrial clusters,including communication equipment and terminals, semiconductor lighting, flat panel display, computers and peripherals. Shenzhen PCB industry will also obtain promotion and development in the new round of industrial reconstruction.

The rise of the western region, the structure change of PCB industry

As the largest PCB fabrication industry cluster area in China or even the world and with the most perfect industry development chain, the Pearl River Delta region accounted for half of the China PCB output value. However, in recent years, under the pressure of environmental protection, energy, resources, etc, the government increase efforts to manage the PCB industry. A  big transfer of the industry is quietly changing the China PCB industry structure. The Pearl River Delta Region itself is well equipped on the information indusry.The convenience of the drainage and transportation makes the number of PCB manufacturers more nostalgia with the rigional facility. But the fact that PCB production will pollute the environment makes the government “push ” it out. Choose inland regions to invest, for the enterprise itself, which is passive and reluctant action. Because at present , shenzhen is still the most suitable area of developping PCB industry .But the shift is inevitable. The enterprise must  look for a way out from long-term development.

“Anyway,the advantage of Shenzhen is very obvious.”The size of Shenzhen PCB industry accounts for 30% to 30% of the country .There are  more than 1000 enterprises, and some enterprises develop rapidly.In shenzhen,in the situation of shortage of land resources, their production base must be denotative expansion and layout. But shenzhen PCB industry has a complete industrial chain,and there are about 30% to 40% of all PCB enterprises in shenzhen.The  advantages of  talent and market are huge.we believe in the future the corporate headquarters, research and development and financial settlement will be in shenzhen. Several of PCB manufacturing business executives also expressed they hoped that eventually form a “front shop, back factory” model, namely the factory is built in inland region and the headquarters is set up in the Pearl River Delta region, for example: Shenzhen.

“Industrial transfer must be gradient and hierarchic.”The personage inside course of study says. American industry transferred many times, while it did not appear hollowing out. There are still labor-intensive enterprises in the United States. As first developed eastern coastal areas, it will ultimately form headquarters economy.It mainly develops technology intensive industries with ability of global radiation and high-end service industries. While  the west  undertakes industrial transfer, and it is mainly labor-intensive, and has some high-end services. So in the end the west forms  reasonable division of labor and the organic link with the east, and coastal area industry will not be hollowing out.

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