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The history and future of China Shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry (3)

The history and future of China Shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry (Part 3)

Transformation Explore : high-end manufacturing and R & D base

In the 1980 s, China began to implement new policies of reform and opening-up. The central gave many special and flexible policy to Guangdong province . in the Pearl River Delta region, especially shenzhen, played so many advantages such as adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and vigorously carry out the business. Under this background, Shenzhen PCB industry rapidly completed the original capital and technology accumulation,which has laid a solid material foundation for the later high speed development and the current industrial upgrading . After 30 years of development, shenzhen has considerable scale of PCB Fabrication industry. According to top 100 list of China PCB manufacturer released by CPCA in 2011,there were 24 Shenzhen enterprises on it, whose enterprise output are all over hundred million RMB. For industries, from large to strong, from low-end to high-end,they laid a solid foundation. Business model innovation is the key to the success of small and medium-sized enterprises innovation entrepreneurship.Over the years, with the containment of “encouraging innovation and tolerance failure”, shenzhen attracted many entrepreneurs. And with more efficient economic development and advocating innovation,shenzhen is in the leading position. after 30 years, through hard work and innovation, at present, shenzhen PCB industry has good foundation in the all aspects: comprehensive strength in the industry, the industrial chain, professional talent base, product technology research and development, the laboratory construction and international cooperation, etc. Deepenning the reform and transforming development patterns, after the changes shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry will usher a new stage of development.

Shenzhen is an export-oriented economy. At the beginning, industrialization joins the international industry chain. With the change and transfer of international industry chain, shenzhen industrial upgrading and adjustment will be affected correspondly.Now shenzhen industrial upgrading is facing a real change. After entering the 21st century, developed countries see China not only as a processing base, but also as the target market and main source of profit, which will bring new opportunities for China’s industry.the transfer of domestic manufacturing creates chance for shenzhen’s creating high-end manufacturing base. Shenzhen is urgent to develop advanced manufacturing industry of research and development , and advanced service industry.The key to the success of the future economic development in shenzhen , is to transfer the added value of the assembly line to the added value of office building, and to transfer the past “blue-collar” industry to “white-collar” industry.

During the orderly transfer of PCB industry, bomin and Wuzhu circuit have transferred its gravity to Meizhou and Dongguan City. their shenzhen-based factories is increasingly losing the position in their groups. Meanwhile JingWang electronic, Chongda circuit, Yongjie electronic, Jinbaize electronic, Xingsen technology , they all set up factories in the city outside of shenzhen , and they faces the important choice of how to upgrade transformation.Transferring labor-intensive common products to the inland , shenzhen will quickly turn into high-end manufacturing and r&d base of PCB industry to achieve the transformation and upgrading of industry. In addition, from scale expansion to the personalized development, balance the benefits and risks, form unique core competitiveness, which is also a good development path for China PCB manufacturing

Improve the ndustry service and global electronics manufacturing

Shenzhen is in the vanguard of the national electronic information industry development, and it has been cluster advantage in the field: the computer, communications, software, electronic components, digital audio and video, and other fields .Shenzhen is also the area where the PCB is earliest industrialized. We can clearly see the development path of industrial upgrading transformation – from simple processing to advanced manufacturing, from labor-intensive industries to strategic emerging industries, from high energy consumption low output to a low energy yield.Shenzhen has become the purchasing center of global electronic components and lectronic information products.It is close to the advantage of the market and makes the prosperity of the pearl river delta PCB industry. In the new historical stage, when under cost pressure , production base is transferred,shenzhen will remain a PCB market distributing center and it is likely to become a global sourcing center.As the basis components of the whole electronic industry , building global PCB procurement center has a good industrial base,which is pertinent to the trend of transformation into high-end services ,and is also a new industry growth point under the trend of industry transfer,and is the best ways from ordinary manufacturing PCB industry to high-end information services.Building global PCB procurement center has the characteristics:high tech content, high added value, high industrial driving force, and low resource consumption, low pollution of the environment.The construction of the procurement center will make up for industry empty created by PCB industry transfer,and continues to lead the global PCB market development.

The era that China relies on cheap labor for the development has ended. The Chinese enterprise management are facing not only the challenge of customer-centric market competition,but more increasing strength in the technical, cost, quality, service. Shenzhen has the largest electronic information industry group, the most convenient transportation port, and the best talent.In the case of a low-end manufacturing transferring to hinterland, shenzhen PCB industry has the need and strength to the high-end service industry to explore new growth space.Under the policy of supporting headquarters economy, we should encourage and support the PCB enterprises set up design center, purchase center, logistics center, financial settlement center, operations center for the integration of headquarters economy in shenzhen, and build purchase index and price index with global industrial bellwether significance ,which makes shenzhen PCB tansform from passive processing manufacturing industry to modern service industry, and create advanced manufacturing industry cluster,and promote green GDP in line with international standards.

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