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The history and future of China Shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry (1)

The history and future of China Shenzhen PCB manufacturing industry (part 1)

In 1978, China shenzhen was in the wave of market economy development and became the first attempter of Chinese enterprises market-oriented reform. As the high-end electronic components , the PCB manufacturing industry began to sprout here;In the 1990s, along with the rapid development of China electronics industry, especially in the Pearl River Delta region, Shenzhen PCB industry has become one of the region where PCB fabrication was developed the earliest in China; PCB factories were the most concentrated; industrial chain was the most perfect. Entering the new century, the global industry transfer is up to peak, and China PCB manufacturing industry has become the world’s largest production base. In shenzhen, from the military level to universal PCB, you can find the most cutting-edge, the most rapid development, the most competitive PCB manufacturers here. Now, in the cost consideration of the environmental protection, human resources and in industrial land, China shenzhen PCB factories begin to move to the Chian mainland and southeast Asia. Another wave of industrial transfer has been started.Where should the China Shenzhen PCB industry go? where is the future opportunities? We enumerate the past experience and lessons, and hope to find the road of sustainable development of the industry in the future.

Three decades’ Industry development,from catching up to surpassing

In the economic structure of Shenzhen, the status of the electronic manufacturing industry is important. Among them, PCB manufacturing industry is the core engine that once pushed the development of Shenzhen electronics industry. At the same time it also reflects the whole development of manufacturing industry. After experiencing the glory of processing and technology Introduction, PCB manufacturing industry has to face the concerns of industrial relocation and transformation .

In the early 1980s, Shenzhen decided to develop the electronic industry .Then, more than 20 processing factories were born in Shenzhen. Most of the money of these enterprises was from Hong Kong, and those technologies were from Japan, and in this way, the first batch of PCB manufacturers in shenzhen establishied the industry foundation. On October 20, 1980, the city government approved industry of shenzhen, China zhenhua electronic company and Hongkong Lushi Industrial Co. Ltd established a joint venture company,Huafeng Electronics CO.,LTD, including the TV production line and PCB production line. In 1984, with the backgroud of military enterprise, Shenzhen shennan circuit co., LTD was set up, and joined in printed circuit board manufacturing industry. In May 1985, the pcb business division of the Japanese sanyo (shekou) co., LTD., was formally established and put into production.In 1986, kingfung started the project and they put into PCB production in the following year, which push the trend of importing PCB production line, and at the period ,the technology introduction made the foundation of PCB’s development of Shenzhen.

After entering the 90 s, the international electronic information industry began to mass transfer to developing countries and regions. Shenzhen seized this historic opportunity, and directly led to the “strong position of electronics manufacturing”, and driven by the electronic information industry, The industry star enterprises of Shenzhen PCB industry have started the stage. Not only the large-scale enterprises based on Hong Kong and Taiwan-funded invested in the construction of building factories, the domestic Shennan Circuits, Wuzhou Circuit, JingWang electronics, Suntak, Bomin began to grow up rapidly.

After 2000, China PCB industry ushered the period of the prosperity development, while the PCB industry of shenzhen entered The scene of prosperity that had a beautiful future.In 2006, China became the world’s largest PCB production base, and industry malaise began to emerge:environmental issues, rising costs, heated market competition.The small profit era was coming.After the 2008 financial crisis, the coastal city has plan to moved out manufacturing industy. the pattern of China PCB industry changed. Shenzhen also inevitably faced with the pains and choices of transformation.

30 years, from the catch-up to transcendence, China PCB manufacturing industry growed to the prosperity.The Pearl River Delta region is one of the zones where China PCB industry was earliest developped; the industries is most gathered; machines was most perfect.Under the promising situation of strong order demand in both domestic and foreign markets, the pcb industry also obtained the unprecedented opportunities, especially the private PCB factories developped with the incredible speed of expansion, doubled the output value,from several million to tens of millions to hundreds of millions, billions.They have become China’s leading PCB enterprises. Some also went to public markets.

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