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North American PCB Market continued to grow in April

IPC– Association Connecting Electronics Industries ® revealed today the April 2016 searchings from its regular monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. Sales as well as orders in April both surpassed last year’s degrees and also the book-to-bill proportion stands at 1.02. Overall North American PCB deliveries in April 2016 were5.6% over the […]

Production process control of miltilayer PCB

Due to the rapid development of high-tech, most electronic products are beginning to use multi-layered pcb. Traditional single and double-sided board can not meet requirements of the design and use. Multilayer PCB fabrication in the whole production has been dominant. For production process of multilayer boards,engineers in R & D job for many years have no […]

The interpretation of common nouns in PCB Manufacturing and Design

The assembly layer is used to represent the physical size of the device.It can be used when the mounter is welding. Assembly layer can put a nominal value of the device, such as the value of resistance and capacitance .This is very convenient to assembly maintenance . We will certainly encounter solder Mask and paste […]

Vertical Continuous Plating(VCP) line completely defeat traditional plating line to boost the healthy development of PCB manufacturing

With the development of electronic devices toward to diversification of varieties ,functionality and Product minimization, Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industry faces the challenge of more sophisticated equipment and more advanced technologies. Universe Group ,as professional wet pcb process equipment manufacturer, is facing current challenges and gradually introducing industy 4.0 intelligent production mode. It reserches and […]

The introduction of PCB prototyping

This article will describe what is PCB prototyping and will provide you some tips about the pcb prototyping processing The printed circuit board (PCB) is an important electronic components, and is also the supporter of electronic components providing connections among electronic components. Since it is made of electronic printing, therefore it is called “printed circuit board”. […]

The iPhone 7 will adopt new packaging technology FOWLP which will impact the PCB manufacturing market

Reputedly the Apple decided to apply the technology of Fan-out WLP (FOWLP) on the next generation of iPhone. Due to the increasingly advanced semiconductor technology, with the appearance of packaging technology without the need of print circuit board, in the future, it is afraid that the PCB market is gradually shrinking According to Korean media […]

China Taiwan’s PCB output value reaching to Trillion yuan is not a dream

The first member meeting of the 9th session of China Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) was held on 10th/Mar 2016. More than 600 circuit board manufacturers joined the festivities. Shen Qingfang participated PCB Forum Expert Forum and published the opinion of Taiwan PCB industry development. Shen Qing-fang said that PCB is very important, just like […]

Basic knowledge of the PCB copper foil

First, the introduction of copper foil Copper foil: a electrolytic material, a thin and continuous metal foil precipitated on the circuit board base layer, it is the PCB conductive body.It’s easy to glue in insulating layer, accept printing layer, forming circuit pattern after etching. Copper mirror test (bronze) : a flux corrosion test, use a […]