The Expense Contrast of Rigid Flex PCB and typical PCB

Relocating to a rigid flex PCB design from the conventional approach of using cable assemblies to join two or even more PCB’s has evident benefits consisting of:
the ability the match a smaller kind factor, less weight, enhanced transmission capacity and boosted existing lugging capabilities.

A common question that we are asked is how you can contrast the price of a rigid flex PCB with the standard approach.

Usually, if you look only at the PCB expense, a rigid flex PCBconstruction is mosting likely to be a lot more pricey. Yet after assessing the general cost of the assembly, very often there is an expense financial savings.

The complying with listing is not meant to be extensive. Every application will certainly be unique. Our hope is that this listing aids promote the thought process when doing a contrast of the two innovations.

Things to think of when contrasting the overall cost of an assembly:

You are merging multiple boards into 1 design
Rigid PCB’s.
Cost of wires and adapters.
Diminish Tubing.
Wire Ties.
Cable Pens.

Cost of the assembly procedure. You can currently run one assembly as opposed to 2 or 3.
Human Labor.
Cable Assembly Test.
Kitting for assembly.
In Process Evaluation.
PCB Tooling/Test.
On Board/ Last Test.
Misc. costs– engineering time, and so on

Examining:. Possibility of one test operation AND the capability to evaluate the full assembly prior to installation.

No solder connections in between boards.
Reliability comes from a good design.
The flex adapter is currently an essential part of the board.
Order Processing Prices.
Incoming Evaluation.

Order generation.
Material Storage space.

As I stated, this checklist is far from complete and meant to set off conversation on the costs of an overall assembly. We are constantly here in order to help answer any type of questions or offer added info on both cost contrasts and rigid flex PCB design. extra information, please see our site at

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