Rigid Flex PCB Design Considerations


– Conductor routing – corners
– Cover layer – stay clear of anxiety risers (subjecting the incoming track), decrease opening in coverlayer 250um
– Pad form and location – filleting, rabbit ears (securing spurs) for solitary sided flex,
– panelization – relevance of orientation for flex PCB regions to fit grain of material
– Staggered size – bookbinding
– Saving copper
– tear resistance – curved edges, drilled opening at corner, hole in slit, leave metal in edges,
– The fixed bend ratio is the ratio of the bend radius to circuit thickness. Ideally, multilayer circuits need to have a bend ratio of a minimum of 20:1. For double-sided flex PCB circuits, the minimum ratio must be at the very least 10:1 And for single-layer flex PCB, the minimum ratio needs to likewise go to least 10:1.
– layered copper is not suitable for flexible circuits,
– In a flex PCB area – stay clear of through holes, route traces at 90 levels, stagger traces on 2-layer flex PCB boards (prevent I beaming), material grain to be at right-angles to flex bend, largest possible bend radius, tiniest possible flexural arc (overall angle of flexure), widen traces via flexing zone (especially crucial for irreversible bends).


Common paperwork needs include:.

1. The Flex PCB will be built to meet a minimal flammability score of V-0 (if required).
2. The Flex PCB will be made to IPC-6013, class (your need right here) standards.
3. The rigid material shall be GFN each IPC-4101/ 24 (if using epoxy material).
4. The Flex PCB will be RoHS compliant (if required).
5. The rigid material will be GIN each IPC-4101/ 40 (if using polyimide material).
6. The flexible PCB copper outfitted material will be IPC 4204/11 (flexible adhesiveless copper clad dielectric material).
7. The covercoat material will be per IPC 4203/1.
8. The density of acrylic adhesive through the rigid section of the panel shall not exceed 10 % of the general building and construction. See comments on this above.
9. The optimum board thickness shall not exceed (your demand here) and uses besides lamination and plating processes. This is determined over completed plated surface areas.
10. Bag material can be made use of for convenience of manufacturing and have to be gotten rid of from the flexible part of the PCB board before delivery.
11. Apply environment-friendly LPI soldermask (if called for) over bare copper on both sides, in the rigid areas only, of the board. All exposed steel will certainly be (your surface finish demand right here).
12. Minimum copper wall thickness of layered via holes to be (your demand right here) .001″ standard is recommended with a minimum annular ring of (your requirement below). (.002 is recommended).
13. The flexible PCB area density shall be (your demand right here, do not include this note if this thickness is not crucial).
14. Silkscreen both sides of the board (if needed) utilizing white or yellow (most typical) non-conductive epoxy ink.
15. Your electrical test demands right here.
16. Your noting and identification needs here.
17. Impedance requirements.
18. Your product packaging and delivery needs here.
19. Extra Illustration Detail.

Panelization information, if required.
A dimensional illustration, consisting of reference information( s), essential dimensions, rigid to flex interfaces, bend area and direction pens.
A drill table outlining ended up hole dimension, associated resistances and plated/not plated.
Building and construction and Layer information, describing material used for each and every layer, thicknesses and copper weights.

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