iFastPCB Produces And Assembles PCBs In-House

Many global contract manufacturers accommodate huge firms seeking one-stop monitoring of their production needs. This can consist of every little thing from PCB fabrication to PCB assembly amongst product development and building and construction. These manufacturers specialize in comprehensive projects that generally involve long lead times and huge production amounts. The jobs those specialists take on is limited, and the revenue from each project is high. Most startups and medium-size companies could not afford those integrated PCB suppliers.


There are contract PCB manufacturers who collaborate numerous elements of electronic devices development and fabrication for clients whose product quantities are tiny, or whose tasks are at the PCB prototype phase. Some of these service providers concentrate on PCB design in house yet partner with PCB manufacturers and, in turn, with PCB assemblers; others assemble PCBs but outsource PCB fabrication and may engage design solutions; still, others only manufacturing PCB boards and subcontract assembly.

Essentially, they coordinate services on their clients’ behalf as a solitary factor of get in touch with and responsibility. They earn the premium charged for that ease– if they supply high quality outcomes on schedule, which depends on whether their companions meet due dates and whether transshipments are postponed.

iFastPCB Is A One-Stop PCB Manufacturing Shop

iFastPCB fabricates and assembles PCBs of any kind of complexity completely in house on fast turn schedules, in quantities ranging from a solitary board to medium-scale production. All manufacturing is done on-site within our China Shenzhen centers. Our company design is tailored to structured PCB prototype growth and fabrication, as well as PCB manufacturing for high-value, low-volume systems for which reliability is important.

Benefits Include:

– Saving our clients time, money, and effort
– Providing our customers with extraordinary high quality, integrity, and a solitary factor of support
– Eliminating communication concerning project needs
– Guaranteeing limited quality assurance
– Getting rid of days of hold-ups, an unavoidable problem when utilizing multiple suppliers

Take into consideration, for instance, a start-up company cultivating a clinical analysis system that incorporates 40 various PCBs, which will certainly cost half a million dollars. Production quantity is anticipated to ramp to 100 units per year within two years, blog post advancement. A few of the boards are very complex, embedding high-speed DSP, optical-network monitoring, and data source analysis features. They otherwise include high-pin-count BGAs, stacked bundles, and gadgets in BGAs with a 0.4-mm sphere matrix. 2 have actually been significantly redesigned and wait for layout, while the second alteration to the layout of an additional nears conclusion. 3 designers within the company, two of which are founders, have architected every PCB board in the system. Time to market is vital, however the group does not have the transmission capacity to finish the designs prior to due date, and has actually had difficulty handling both PCB manufacturers and the PCB assembly store who developed the boards to this day.

Pleasing Clients Is Our First Goal

iFastPCB can help remove troubles like this. We remain in close collaboration with start-ups on delivery routines tighter than service providers who just integrate solutions could meet. Strategic relationships with key parts vendors allow us to expedite complete service in one smooth in-house operation: from the invoice of customer schematics, to layout, to PCB fabrication, to component purchase, to the delivery of assembled PCB boards.

We cater to the production demands of such companies that, when product development has actually been finished, could require just 10 collections of 40 various boards to fulfill preliminary client orders. And do so offering inexpensive costs.

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