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X Company Plays Important Role in Pushing Innovation for 3D Printing

X company is leading a consortium of firms and organizations seeking advancement in 3D PCB printing . As component of its essential function, X company will creat new qualities of high-performance polyaryletherketone (PAEK) polymer based upon cutting-edge chemical solutions that are particularly developed to operate in additive production processes. Used in some AM applications today, […]

Application of digital ink-jet printing technology in the PCB manufacturing

Use digital link-jet printing technology to develop and produce PCB, which can positively simplify the production process and shorten the production cycle; which greatly reduce the expensive production equipments and save the cost. It greatly reaches the goal of “energy conservation and emissions reduction”, especially for reducing the capacity of waste-water and improving the environmental […]

Basic knowledge of the PCB copper foil

First, the introduction of copper foil Copper foil: a electrolytic material, a thin and continuous metal foil precipitated on the circuit board base layer, it is the PCB conductive body.It’s easy to glue in insulating layer, accept printing layer, forming circuit pattern after etching. Copper mirror test (bronze) : a flux corrosion test, use a […]

New patented 3D printed circuit board technology accelerating to catch traditional PCB manufacturing

The well-known enterprise in the electronic field of 3D printing Nano Dimension announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Nano Dimension Technologies Division has filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the patent application relates to the technology on a method of printed circuit board ( PCB) shielded wire printing. It is known […]