Please Input The PCB Specification


1-2 layers, length & width <= 100mm, 10 pcs prototypes start from 12$
*Board Size:  X    mm
*Quantity:  Material: FR-4
Layers:  1 Layer       2 Layers    4 Layers    6 Layers
Thickness:  0.4mm        0.6mm      0.8mm       1.0mm   
 1.2mm        1.6mm      2.0mm       2.4mm
Min.Trace/Space 6/6mil ↑     5/5mil       4/4mil
Min.Hole Size: 0.3mm ↑     0.25mm    0.2mm
Solder Mask:  Green    Red      Yellow    Blue  
 White     Black    None
Via Process:  Tenting vias    Vias not covered
Silkscreen:  White           Black          None
Surface Finish:  HASL with lead    HASL lead free    Immersion gold
Finished Copper:  1 oz Cu             2 oz Cu