PCB Manufacturer Savings
in-house PCB manufacturing

Get your printed circuit boards directly from the manufacturer. We have been delivering printed circuit boards for over 12 years. We are continually investing in advanced facilities and management in order to improve our capabilities. and more, thanks to the great Internet and Information Technology we have built advanced IT system which extremely improves our work and production efficiency, making us offer extremely cost-saving PCB products and service to customers.

Fast Turn Around
1 to 10 day quick turns

For all the single and 2-layer Express PCB prototyping and manufacturing, the delivery time is fixed at 48 hours. For multilayer PCBs, the turnaround will depend on the quantity. Upload your PCB file and we will give it a free read and provide you the most lucrative quotes.

Dependable Customer Service
professional and quick response

Stuck in a dilemma over your PCB prototyping requirement, we can assist you thoroughly. Bring your queries to us and we will revert back within 24 hours.

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